"FRALEX" stands for health and climate protection 


The turbo fans installed in the car are active in all weathers and constantly ensure unique fresh air circulation in the passenger compartment.

With the FRALEX turbo fan you will experience completely new driving comfort.  Constant fresh air circulation ensures healthy air in the car.

Less use of the air conditioning system saves costs and is good for the environment.
The sporty, elegant design is also an appealing eye-catcher on your vehicle.
The FRALEX turbo fan is simply inserted into the rear left and right side window.

There is absolutely no drilling or screwing necessary.                                  The turbo fan can be easily removed again in just a few simple steps. 

FRALEX ventilation system in the car - and in the parked vehicle, reduce the summer heat by 30-40 degrees



Fiat Ducato - Citroen Jumper - Peugeot Boxer

Summer heat-temperatures quickly reach 70 degrees in the parked vehicle.

The FRALEX Turbofan in conjunction with the FRALEX GSM modem lower the temperature in the parked car by around 30-40 degrees. 

Product description

- Attractive design
- Material: polycarbonate
- Temperature resistant from -60 ° C to max. 135 ° C
- Unbreakable, impact-resistant
- Color: tinted black - transparent

Product features
- Constant fresh air supply and circulation in the vehicle
- Can be used all year round and in any weather, even in heavy rain
- No drafts, minimal wind noise
- Strong temperature reduction in summer, avoids heat build-up
- Neutralizes odors (e.g. smoke, pets, air conditioning)
- Lower humidity in the vehicle
- Environmental protection through less use of the air conditioning system
- Elegant, transparent design
- Burglar-proof thanks to the high quality standard

FRALEX comfort starts as soon as you get in. Always good air, no moisture, therefore fewer bacteria, no heat build-up in summer.

Highly complex production guarantees top quality products.

Feel free to contact us if your vehicle is not listed in the shop,  we are constantly expanding the range of vehicles.


Turbo fans can be attached in a few simple steps and are therefore active.
No need to open a window. The vehicle is closed to thieves and is still well ventilated.
Installed in the rear door window, this means fresh air in the car immediately.
The turbo fans can remain installed permanently. No matter if summer or winter, rain or snow. This constant ventilation is unique and only possible with the FRALEX turbo fan. Whether in the parking lot during work or in front of the supermarket, FRALEX guarantees constant fresh air circulation.
On longer car journeys, a good oxygen exchange protects against premature fatigue and strengthens concentration while driving. Children and four-legged friends also simply feel good in a fresh climate.